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Synapse 3 update borked Keyboard/Headset

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by LukeSkyballer, Jun 27, 2019.

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  1. LukeSkyballer

    LukeSkyballer New Member

    Got an update. After update keyboard starting having extreme keyboard lag. I couldnt even type a sentence without waiting several seconds between keystrokes. At this time my Nari Ultimate headset was fine. Couldn't get the keyboard fixed so uninstalled and reinstalled Synapse 3. Now all profiles are gone for keyboard,Nari and mamba and the Nari Ultimate sounds like poop. Cant hear sound using stereo surround. Have to switch to Stereo. Also the volume at max is nothing like it was before and the haptic feedback just sucks now. Keyboard is working now though.

    Anyone have any ideas?
  2. OutbackIdaho

    OutbackIdaho New Member

    Lost both Cynosa Chroma & Tartarus V2 after the update. Removed Cortex, installed again, still nothing. Shows both devices online and registered, but that's it. Am wasting time (again) to get it all back in harmony. Not going to install Cortex, did not seem to be of any use on an older machine anyhow.

    Previously I had to:
    • Export Profiles to My Documents
    • Uninstall all Razer software
    • Boot to Safe Mode, delete every Razer folder and its contents
    • Run Glary Utilities to remove residual traces and registry entries
    • Boot back to Win7 x64
    • Reinstall
    Razer needs a tool to remove ALL traces of its software, while backing up Profiles to a safe location. These updates are becoming a royal pain in the backside and I've only had their products a month now. After today's update I get to spend an hour with this mess rather than doing something much more enjoyable. /grr

    Need an option to not install updates. If it works, leave it alone. My 3¢ of input
  3. LukeSkyballer

    LukeSkyballer New Member

    Agree. I love my Razer products and like to keep the same peripherals on my pc. That why I have Nari Ultimate, Huntsman Elite, Hyper flux mouse pad and Mamba plus a Naga Trinity for certain games plus the chrome headset stand.
    I like how they try and update things but it seems to cause problems everytime they do. Now I can't play Battlefield V unless I switch from TXH spatial audio to Nari ultimate in sound settings. BFV has clicking noise if I use the THX setting. Before update I could switch to the Nari Ultimate option but now with the above issues I have it sounds like listening through a string and can.

    I'm seriously considering going back to another brand and ditching Synapse 3. Too many headaches.
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