Synapse doesn't adjust TDP?

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by Trisiton, Nov 16, 2021.

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  1. Trisiton

    Trisiton New Member

    Hey guys,

    so my issue is that on my Blade 14 (RTX 3070), I can't seem to get the power slider for the cpu working. The GPU slider is definitely working, as I can see the overclock that is applied on the high setting on MSI afterburner. Yesterday, after a reinstall, the CPU slider also worked briefly, and I could limit my TDP to 25W on lighter load games by taking the CPU down to low, but this morning my CPU was insistent on running full-throttle again at 35-45 watts although I don't want that for most games.
    Doesn't matter if I take it down to low, or take it up to boost, it is always the same. I have updated both Windows and Synapse to their latest available versions, and restarted numerous times, so I am at a loss here and would appreciate any help.

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  2. SweaNisseGaming

    SweaNisseGaming New Member

    Synapse does not apply TDP as this application does not support this function

    please attached pictures of what you mean to more easily understand the problem you have

    If you choose not to attach pictures, it will be much harder to understand what exactly you are having problems with
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