Tartarus Pro frustration coming from a G13 user.

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by johnl12, Apr 1, 2021.

  1. johnl12

    johnl12 New Member

    Ok, I am coming from a Logitech ecosystem. In the past two weeks, I bought a Tartarus Pro and BWEK. I was planning on getting the basilisk ultimate but now I am not so sure I want to stick with razer. The number 1 reason I bought these items is that my G13 is dying and Logitech has not released a replacement. So, I bought the Tartarus Pro, and since I like to keep things simple which why I am switching my other Logitech stuff to razer.

    These are what is frustrating me.
    1. Switching keymaps does not end current activities and reset the light effect. Star Trek Online has both ground and space play, so I created keymaps for each. When I switch keymaps on the G13 it ends any action that was active under the previous keymap. The Tartarus Pro doesn't do this. Since synapse allows you to map individual keys and light effects I have keys setup to blink when the power is active. If I fail to deactivate that key the light is still blinking. On the new keymap, the key is blinking but the function that the key is assigned to is not on. So when I press on the key the function activates but now the key stops blinking.
    2. Global Macros: G13 macros are linked to the profiles. Create a new profile give you a new set of blank macros. If I want to use the same macros I can just import them from the other profile. Under this global system, I will have a very long list of commands.
    3. Keys: The keys are all the same. On the G13 the WASD has a groove so I know if my fingers are in the correct position. I know I can now replace the keycaps with Cherry MX which I been looking into. I now know more about keycaps than I ever wanted to know.
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  2. johnl12

    johnl12 New Member

    1 more thing the D-Pad. The analog Joystick on the G13 is so much easier to use. I see why there are mod videos on how to modify the D-Pad to add an analog joystich.
  3. that doesn't matter, because the D-Pad will break down in some weeks, may few month. So better don't get used to it.
  4. Jeeperm718

    Jeeperm718 New Member

    I dont mean to hijack the thread, but Im wondering if the Pro has on board memory for profiles? I cannot seem to find anything on it anywhere
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