Tartarus V2 Pro Deficiencies Due To Poor Synapse 3 Implementation

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by Zer0_Kelvin, Feb 1, 2021.

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  1. Zer0_Kelvin

    Zer0_Kelvin Member

    To this day, it has been years now since Synapse 3 has been among us, the Synapse 2 software is still superior for, at least the older version of the Tartarus and Razer Nostromo (Formerly Belkin N52) in a few key ways:
      • With Synapse 2 software you can map macros on to the scroll wheel of the device
      • With Synapse 3 YOU STILL CAN'T
      • With Synapse 2 if you kick off a macro on one keymap and switch back to a different keymap, the macro kicked off from the previous keymap will run until complete.
      • With Synapse 3, once you change to a different keymap, the macro will stop running and not complete.
      • This is an issue with BOTH versions of Synapse
      • The user is unable to specify different DPAD configurations across different keymaps within the same profile.
      • This means that if Keymap #1 you need only a 4-directional functionality, but in Keymap #2 you need an 8-directional functionality, it is not possible. You can only choose 1 type of DPAD directional functionality for ALL keymaps within a profile.

    Well, first of all, users of Nostromo Older Tartarus pads wanting to upgrade to a new hardware device (maybe with more buttons or some other Synapse 3 feature) will no longer have these functions. I have come across in my search of people who actually use the scroll wheel for productivity tasks in Photoshop (for example) with macros. So this isn't just gamers we're talking about here.

    Not able to have a macro continue until complete (just because it was kicked off from a different keymap within the profile) also limits the functionality of the new Tartarus devices as well.

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  2. Zer0_Kelvin

    Zer0_Kelvin Member


    With modern games (especially MMOs) having more and more keymapping needs to operate the game, having the ability to switch between keymaps and having the macro persist until completion without being impacted by a keymap change definitely helps give the gamer more options on how they control their character, especially in the case of utilizing macros.
    So Synapse V2.21 supports this, but the new Synapse 3 (for years) has not. EVEN with members voicing those concerns well into the early stages of Synapse 3 BETA.

    So I ask Razer, if gamers and productivity people alike are truly important to the company, why release products (meant to eventually replace its legacy products) that are not at the very least on par with the useful functionality of legacy devices?
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  3. Zer0_Kelvin

    Zer0_Kelvin Member



    If it doesn't already (last time I tested it, it doesn't), the Synapse 3 software should support the ability to assign multiple game profiles to the same game. For example, so the user can set up different profiles for their different characters in a single MMO where each character may have different mapping needs beyond that of a single profile and lighting scheme.

    Providing this above would also AT LEAST solve, in an inelegant way, the DPAD limitation, as at least different profiles can have different DPAD directional assignments.

    I would truly love Razer bring up to par the functionality of Synapse 3 to its older version Synapse 2 in the above ways.
    I would also love to see Razer PROVE without a doubt that it has gamers' interests in mind by getting the above implemented ASAP.
  4. Sye_The-Vie

    Sye_The-Vie Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Synapse 2.0 RAZER peripherals have an onboard memory profile, which stores keyboard features like button configuration and RGB affects on the keyboard hardware.

    Synapse 3.0 RAZER peripherals work via internet / cloud base and back and forward link between peripheral and Synapse 3.0.

    Due to this difference in how the hardware and software works, Synapse 2.0 peripherals cannot work on Synapse 3.0.
  5. Zer0_Kelvin

    Zer0_Kelvin Member

    That is understandable, but I don't believe that is a valid enough excuse as to why they can't design their Synapse 3 software to support such functionality on the software-side for their new peripherals.

    Of course, one should be able to operate one's Razer peripheral without internet, if it goes down.
    So the profiles for the devices should at least be saved locally in order for this to happen.
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