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That same question... RAM Upgrades!

Discussion in 'Systems' started by SFRallying, Jul 4, 2020.

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  1. SFRallying

    SFRallying New Member

    Hey all,

    So I've spent a good few days sweeping the Insider Forum and also various Reddit / NotebookReview threads from people attempting to upgrade their RAM in Blade 15 / 17 Advanced and Pros.......

    I've got a 15 Advanced 2019 - I'm at the point of splashing out for some new RAM and really do want to make use of the high advertised frequencies.
    Has anyone had any success upgrading to a higher frequency RAM using the XMP profiles? There's plenty of negative stories out there with laptops bricked at first boot once the higher frequency profiles have been chosen, people having invested in 3200mhz RAM to be stuck at stock 2666mhz.
    It would be good to gather and record some feedback from a few people to get an idea of success vs problems rates!

    So please post below, what spec / make / model / RAM / speed / voltage / XMP profile experience you've had!
  2. SFRallying

    SFRallying New Member

    So answering my own question for anyone that is in the same situation I was in a few weeks back......

    I bit the bullet and ordered a 32GB kit of 3000mhz CL16 RAM from G.Skill (1.2v - that's the important bit). I am also running a Razer Blade 15 Advanced, late 2019 running BIOS v1.05.

    Prior to the RAM being installed, I followed THIS BIOS mod to make the Advanced Overclocking Menu visible in the BIOS screen. It worked a treat, and I could see the Memory settings (although the stock RAM didn't have an XMP profile).

    - When I installed the new RAM, the laptop would not seem to boot and was seemingly stuck in a boot loop.
    - I reinstalled the stock RAM and it booted first time
    - I tried the new RAM for a second time, and after 2 boot loops it booted to windows
    - I restarted and entered BIOS menu, I could see that the default profile was selected at 2667mhz
    - I was able to mod the XMP profile, selected profile 2 and rebooted. It loaded to windows first time.
    - I then used Aida64 to validate the new RAM was now running at the advertised 3000mhz using XMP profile 2.

    Unfortunately, as I modded the BIOS before installing new RAM, I don't know if you would get access to the XMP profiles without making the BIOS mod.

    Either way, all is good and everything is running perfectly. I will wait for costs to drop before trying to a 3200mhz kit.
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