The perfect low-profile keyboard doesn't exist

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  1. The best keyboard I ever had was Razer Arctosa. It had a few drawbacks, e.g. the caps, num, scroll lock lights were ridiculously bright, to the point where I had to put a piece of tape over them because num lock was blinding me but still I absolutely ADORED that keyboard. The plastic wrist rest, layout and low profile design were the important features for me. I dislike dazzling lights, I don't look at my keyboard when typing (thanks Arctosa) and I don't like extra light sources when gaming at night. I dislike RGB, it's a disturbing clutter breaking my focus. I had Razer Arctosa for about 10 years until I spilled orange juice over it and it broke. (I spilled water over it twice before that and it worked for years after that.) I repaired it, it lasted for 2 more weeks, broke again. I repaired the keyboard 3 more times and it always broke again so I had to buy a new keyboard. I went with Razer Ornata V2 and I don't like it. The height of the keyboard is way too high and it's uncomfortable. Even the lowest point of the wrist rest is really high. The spacebar is wonky and tends to get stuck on the right side since the first day and after 6 months of usage the leatherette is already showing some signs of wear. I think it's gonna tear in a few months. I also dislike having extra software (Razer Synapse), I prefer plug and play. I didn't buy the keyboard for the RGB, just for the layout & wrist rest and I basically wanted a keyboard similar to the old Razer Arctosa. Don't get me wrong, I like some things about the Ornata V2 (adjustable cable, low height key caps) but I don't really like it otherwise, especially for the price point of 120 USD here in Europe. I was looking into some other keyboards, found out about the Logitech K740 which could be decent (I'm not sure why I didn't go with it.) and also Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 at 185 USD which is too expensive for me and it has no cable routing. I'm adding a screenshot so you can compare the insane height difference between Arctosa and Ornata V2.

    What I'm looking for is:
    low-profile full size keyboard with low profile key caps
    detachable and long lasting wrist rest
    decent layout (like Arctosa or Ornata)
    cable routing options are welcomed
    ideally under 150USD but if the keyboard is perfect for my needs I would pay a fortune

    Is Razer planning to release any keyboard like that?
    If not, do you guys know about a keyboard that would suit my needs?

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  2. FiszPL

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    I'd like to see a new version of Deathstalker keyboard.
    Nice low-profile keys, but with integrated wrist rest.
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