The Razer Naga Trinity

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by Deleted member 368765, Nov 3, 2017.

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  1. Kenserky

    Kenserky Well-Known Member

    Too many button for a mac ? :big_grin_:
  2. imReqi

    imReqi Well-Known Member

    Pricing on shows the Naga Trinity for $79. Click to learn more and the price goes up to $99.

    Can you fix this please, Razer?

  3. Contrabandit

    Contrabandit New Member

    I would love to see a side plate with just 4 buttons, coming from a Logitech G700 and it honestly had the most useful button lay out, unfortunately it is discontinued, that and Logitech software is terrible for macros...
    I like this mouse so far but the 7 button plate is just a bit much and the 2 button just not enough
  4. lilscriby

    lilscriby New Member

    just bought one
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  5. McHammered

    McHammered New Member

    So far this is my personal favorite mouse ever. I love playing FPS games with it. The side-plates come in handy from time to time as well.
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  6. Warpath75

    Warpath75 New Member

    So where is the wireless version of this? Been using the wired version and would "upgrade" to wireless instantly. And by wireless i mean with usb-dongle, not with charging station like naga epic. Would serve with laptops also. Dont keep me (us) waiting! :D
  7. Personally, I'm looking for a replacement to my 2014 Razer Naga(still have a back up one in an un open box should it fail) that's wireless and has the same amount of buttons. I don't mind paying a bit more for this version should you make it fully wireless or make a hyperflux version that just requires a AC adapter and not a USB and fits an area of 11"x10". Trying to go as cordless as possible since I love playing my games on my 60" TV. Would love a Bluetooth version if at all possible since I have 2 very large and energetic dogs. Having any cords running the 15' from where I sit to my PC gets to be a bit of a safety hazard for my electronics(not the dogs since they don't seem to care what they run over or into). I was hoping to find an updated version of the Naga Epic Chroma but that seems to of been a discontinued line. Please come out with a full wireless of this. I use a Key board with a built in mouse pad area so I don't have the room for the oversized Hyperflux set you have and the mouse that comes with doesn't have the amount of keys I like to use for World of Warcraft, DOOM, Conan, or Minecraft. Thank you again for making amazing products that work for years. Proud owner of the Razer Naga 2014, Orbweaver(would love to see an updated version), and the Kraken head set(thinking of going to the Nari series).

    Thank you once again for all you do.
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  8. AnimaXPL

    AnimaXPL New Member

    Hey. Sameone know when new Naga will be relased? Couse i dont know that i should buy one now.
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  9. Rune17

    Rune17 New Member

    I sooo love this mouse! worth every bit I spent on it!
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