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The Razer Naga Trinity

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by Deleted member 368765, Nov 3, 2017.

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  1. Siven

    Siven New Member

    This and the Blackwidow v2 are my first Razer products.

    So far i like it. Took a while to get used to its shape while using the 2 button sideplate as im used to using a logitech g502.

    Now im trying to get used to the 12 button sideplate which is hard as im used to gripping the mouse where the 1 and 2 buttons are, and i just cant get used to resting the thumb there instead of gripping.

    I really wish there more customizable sideplates. Like removing buttons 1 and 2, and merging buttons 9 and 12 on the 12 button sideplate. Also would love a sideplate like the 2 button, but split the buttons horizontally for a 4 button sideplate, could even make a 6 (3 wide 2 high) button one too.
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  2. Valstyre

    Valstyre New Member

    I like the concept. I have a naga epic and loving it. I just wish they would release a naga trinity epic with hyperflux.
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  3. Sitka94

    Sitka94 New Member

    In Overwatch's menu and character selection, if I set a key like "Mouse button 4" on the 7-buttons plate, it reacts as a "turbo click" and push to talk doesn't work properly, there's a solution?

    (during the match it has no problems, but it's a bit annoying when I use the formation voice chat with friends in menu)
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  4. StormClaymore

    StormClaymore New Member


    Hot dog.
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  5. ZarzakTZ

    ZarzakTZ New Member

    How about that left handed edition.
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  6. i can't find mouse feet for razer trinity ...
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  7. ricstar

    ricstar Member

    Nice, but will you make a left handed version?
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  8. 123350

    123350 New Member

    i want this mouse )
  9. Limpingg

    Limpingg New Member

    we need a left handed trinity
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  10. RyG-LoGo

    RyG-LoGo New Member

    Hi, I've bought a naga trinity on December and I'm mainly using the 7 buttons plate, it work really well but sometimes I just can't push on some button like sometimes the 7,6,5 don't respond and i'm pushing for nothing
    sometimes it's the 3 or the 2, it really depends and i'd like to know if some of you have this problem it's really annoying
    Thank you
  11. Gadzewks

    Gadzewks New Member

    Just bought one

    There is NO option for "Smooth scroll" for the mouse wheel. This is VERY disappointing. On top of that, the scroll wheel "bump" as you scroll is by far one of the most pronounce and loud scrolling clicks on any mouse I have owned.

    I really affects your ability to do precision scrolls, and is very annoying because of how loud it is on top of that.
  12. How is this version compared to the Molten edition?
    I have small hands and the molten fits perfectly in my palm while the 2014 version is way bulky.

    So is the trinity more like the 2014 or Molten?

    I'm in need of a new mouse since the molten is almost falling apart :)
  13. Eyebyss

    Eyebyss New Member

    Way too heavy for me, I daily use a 89g mouse, this monstrosity weighs 120g.
  14. Divincilife

    Divincilife New Member

    XD XD XD XD XD to heavy...….

    the bump is there FOR precision so I don't understand this comment and if its to loud then you rolling it REALLY fast which means you are not using for 1 click at a time anyway. so WTF are you complaining about??
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  15. upadek

    upadek New Member

    Hello everyone!! I'm trying to find a nice left handed mice. That one would be perfect. Do You know if Razer gonna make more left handed Nagas?
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  16. I'm Mac user why I don't have wave effect on Razer synapse 2.0
  17. MutoShack

    MutoShack New Member

    I cannot wait for the left handed version! :fist: :kissing_heart:
  18. RocketSkates93

    RocketSkates93 Well-Known Member

    I would really like to see wireless Razer Naga Trinity. Maybe it would be called Razer Naga Trinity Epic lol.
  19. MutoShack

    MutoShack New Member

    It's definitely a preference that a lot of people have, but personally I don't think the Naga Trinity would be good wireless (let alone "epic"). Wireless functionality always increases latency on a mouse (despite what marketing teams would lead one to believe) and it would need batteries which would add weight to an already decently heavy mouse. On top of all that, a wireless receiver is more expensive to manufacture, and I'm not sure many people would pay a premium on a product that's less efficient than the original.

    But I have never used a wireless "gaming" computer mouse, so maybe I just don't know what I'm missing out on. Ha, ha!
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  20. Kenserky

    Kenserky Well-Known Member

    I put an option on it when my WoW Cataclysm (14 buttons but all over the mouse) will RIP.
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