"THX Spatial - Synapse" has no sound

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by _peachboy, Oct 1, 2020.

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  1. _peachboy

    _peachboy New Member

    Hi, I just got the Razer Nari Essential. I plugged it in, installed Synapse, and turned on THX Spatial Audio in Synapse. Razer Nari Essential is the default playback device. I tried playing Valorant and Apex Legends, and it sounds good, but I can't tell if the THX Spatial Audio is working or if it's just stereo. They also don't show up in Synapse, so I can't change the output from Stereo to Surround Sound. When I try to calibrate, it just sounds like stereo.

    So in Synapse it says to "Select THX Spatial Audio as your default playback device for the best audio experience," so I changed my default to THX Spatial Audio and no sound comes out. The green bar is lighting up in volume mixer, playback devices, etc, but I don't hear anything coming out of my headphones (or my speakers). Valorant does show up in the app though, and I can change the output in the app, but there's still no sound. If I change it back to Razer Nari Essential the sound works again, but Valorant disappears from Synapse.

    How do I fix this? I want THX Spatial Audio to work, that's why I bought the headphones. I looked it up for the past few hours but I couldn't find anything that fixed it. I tried:

    - restarting
    - reinstalling Synapse (2-3x, using CCleaner, cleaned registry as well)
    - plugging in Nari receiver to USB 2.0
    - enabled Internal AUX Jack (THX Spatial - Synapse) in playback devices
  2. cimpercee

    cimpercee New Member

    Uninstall Razer. Delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\THX. Reboot, and then install Synapse 3.0 again.
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  3. _peachboy

    _peachboy New Member

    That worked, thanks!

    I have a follow-up question: now that I have THX Spatial - Synapse as my default playback device, I can't use my speakers with my PC audio setup. My speakers are connected to a USB audio interface, and any other headphones are connected through it as well, and I use Voicemeeter Banana as a virtual interface. I wanted to set up THX Spatial Audio through Voicemeeter, but I don't think it works (when I tried, it turns it into stereo instead of surround).

    Is there a way for me to set up audio going through both THX Spatial - Synapse and my speakers at the same time without having to change the default playback device whenever I'm not using THX Spatial Audio (which is basically whenever I'm not playing games)?
  4. _peachboy

    _peachboy New Member

    Also, whenever I switch the default playback device from THX Spatial - Synapse to something else, switching back messes up the audio and the surround sound doesn't work until I restart my computer.
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