What would you like to see next from Razer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mltan, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. ShunOguri

    ShunOguri Member

    What would you like to see next from Razer?

    - I would like Razer to investigate the very controversial event happened here in the Philippines which was the Opening of your Razer Store.
    Mineski's Events Team planned and prioritized their people(Friends, Family and Members) on the line. They ignored those who camped a day before the event. It was recorded during an interview with Mr. Min-Liang Tan that he acknowleged and answered the question that there was a LEGIT Line being formed outside the store(at the French Baker side).
    We are not asking for another event or krakens to be given away, We need justice for those fans like me who formed and followed the organized line up and followed religiously the instructions posted here as well as the Management of the Mall.
    Hardcore and Legit Fans of Razer wasted their time, energy, effort and sacrificed their health just to be a part of the history of Razer here in PH.
    The people who were in-charged on the event doesn't deserve a second chance if given the chance to provide a verdic to them. They showed us how UNWORHTY, BIASED and UNPROFESSIONAL they were. Please take to read this article about what happened.

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  2. onineX

    onineX New Member

    I would love to see a nice HD sleek webcam from razer!
    Also, I am still in love with Nostromo's design which I have been using for my work and gaming time, hope Razer's gonna pimp nostromo with chroma!
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  3. llllFenixllll

    llllFenixllll New Member

    Forge tv in Europe (Portugal)
  4. DrQuach

    DrQuach Member

    I would love to see a monitor because my last one broke
  5. BabblingSage

    BabblingSage New Member

    I cant take credit for this idea as it was raised in another thread, but its great idea
    Mini USB wireless receiver for the razer wireless products.
  6. endlessfq

    endlessfq Member

    New Year Wish List:
    Razer Seiren Chroma
    Razer Webcam that can do 4K video
    Razer Monitor with Green Backlight
    Razer Desk for 3 monitors set up
    Razer Laptop Cooler with Chroma fan
    Razer Gaming and work chair
    Razer Reference Graphic Card with LED Green
    Razer motherboard with black and green accent
    Razer Chassis with Chroma
    Razer posters
    Razer Sandals and Shoes
    #Razerislife #Razerfangirl
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    XxZIOIMIBIExX Active Member

    was thinking last night, and id kinda like to see razer get into the case mod scene. AKA a chroma LED strip, chroma LED case fans, and possibly a controller for it all hooked into synapse, so you could sync your PC LED's with your other chroma peripherals :D

    i LOVE my H440, but theres nothing else razer in my build...only the case....i want razer everything!!!! lol

    second, id absolutely LOVE if cortex had a section dedicated to system hardware monitoring. My RazerRig Would be 100% Complete if we could have these.
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  8. milo.van

    milo.van New Member

    Razer Orochi Chroma please! :D
  9. KingOfAngel

    KingOfAngel New Member

    yes Monitors, webcams, Razer Gaming Chair is a relly good ideas.
  10. deviousst

    deviousst Member

    A Razer Case modelled around the Corsair Air 540
  11. deviousst

    deviousst Member

    Would Razer look into doing Gaming Audio Mixers?
  12. chipsahui

    chipsahui Member

    i want see a chroma razer blade for 2016
  13. N7.Warp

    N7.Warp New Member

    A wireless keyboard.
  14. ks2018

    ks2018 New Member

    durability in existing mouse inventory.
  15. Reaver

    Reaver Active Member

    A liquid cooler by Razer... A new Designed by Razer case is also welcome... A collaboration with BitFenix for this one... The Ghost would fit well...
  16. toopy05

    toopy05 New Member

    xbox one chroma controller plz it would be so cool!!!!
  17. Bramblestar

    Bramblestar New Member

    i would love to see a chroma gaming chair
  18. Magik.Cali

    Magik.Cali New Member

    We need a thunderbolt 3 on the razer blade. This way a eGPU can be connected
  19. KazWolfe_

    KazWolfe_ New Member

    I would love to see the Naga finally released, and maybe even a Deathstalker Ultimate Chroma?

    That would be epic.
  20. darqsyde242

    darqsyde242 New Member

    I'd love to see a super slim full keyboard.

    For fun I've Painted together this mockup based on the DSC.

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