What would you like to see next from Razer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. shakypuddin09

    shakypuddin09 New Member

    what about some skins?
  2. hbearnbd121

    hbearnbd121 New Member

    Gaming monitor, chair, and desk.
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  3. Johnson54

    Johnson54 New Member

    I would like to see bigger gaming mouse like Razer Death Adder.
    There is not a single mouse on the market for people with huge hands, i don't count mice that have weight over 110g, because they are to heavy to be viable for playing games like starcraft 2, where apm matters.
    I have extremely huge hands, 20cm at lenght and 10 at width.
    I need to clench my fingers around the mouse so i have control in it and it is unconfortable.
    Also on right side, my fighers exceed that rubber grip and even whole body of the mouse.
    I would prefer logitech g500 dimensions, 130mm lenght, 76 width, and height same 44.
    Maybe even longer and wider, i do not know.

    Also weight 107 is not bad, but best weight would be between 90-100g, if it is possible, or at least 100g.
    Weight has great effect on mouse friction.

    Also mouse skates quickly worn out, researching better surface than teflon, which would be resistant to sweat, after while, there is gonna appear weird spots, it is from sweating.
    There are great number of reddit posts, from high ranked players in cs ho, claiming that after weak mouse has already higher friction and it is hard to make small adjustments.
    Also dust is gonna get between skates, if there wasn't holes, where the dust resides and it makes friction, it would be great.

    Also something to clean mousepad, because water makes it only worse, and you don't even recommend to wash mousepad by water, cleaning with microwawe cloth helps a bit with refucing friction.

    Mouse drivers are generally recommended to be uninstalled, because they cause huge amout of lag, razer synapse cause to mouse cursor lag, there are great many results if you write razer synapse lag.
    I do not use them and i would like to turn off dpi mouse button, because i accidentally hit it and mouse doesn't remember dpi profile setting, if i set in drivers and then uninstall them.
    So if i bind something on buttons, like change it to something else or macro, it would be nice to be remembered after mouse driver are uninstalled.

    I was in cs go supreme master class and i am masters in starcraft 2, i know what i am talking about what is concer mice.
  4. Neohhhh

    Neohhhh New Member

    I know that you already released a new version of the Razer Krait but that was not a Razer Krait! :/ I would love to see a Razer Krait just like the old one. Same look but with thumb buttons. Same mouse wheel but with a better sensor, maybe the one you are using in the DeathAdder Elite.
    You should be able to save a profile on the mouse so you can use it on every PC without having to always install a driver etc. And one really does not need 16.000 DPI but that is not a problem.. :D

    Would be really nice to see a true successor of the old Razer Krait which I still own and it works! Was my first "gaming mouse" I got! :)
  5. JFDas2

    JFDas2 New Member

    Please make an ambidextrous joystick. Many space sim games are very good with duel joysticks. Star citizen will be a big selling point. I would love for razer to make a joystick. Something like this
    But with more buttons on the stick itself because many people are running duel joysticks and don't want to take hands off stick losing immersion and control. And ensure to keep the twist action of the stick as well plz. I love razer products and think this would be a great time to start building a joystick since star citizen will not release for another year or 2. People playing elite dangerous can buy now and use as asap as well.
  6. ArgD_279

    ArgD_279 New Member

    PLEASE, make a white and black blackwidow keyboard, i have seen some mods of it and it looks amazing! I would definitely buy it.
  7. shakypuddin09

    shakypuddin09 New Member

    how about a wireless game controller for the pc.
  8. Tequilagg

    Tequilagg New Member

    A game controller for pc wo
    YES! THIS! a game controller for pc would be just great.

    Leave the console plebs alone, PC MASTER RACE.[​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  9. Indonesia.MegaH

    Indonesia.MegaH New Member

    chroma glassess :heart:
  10. ftss_

    ftss_ New Member

  11. surfer1081

    surfer1081 Well-Known Member

    Besides what I've said in earlier posts in this thread. I'd love to see Razer branded PC cases and Monitors by Razer. Just bought the Lenovo RE monitor and very soon the Antec RE PC case. I'd love to see Razer turn the tide by making their own on top of their great lineup of laptops!
  12. ClarkyBoi

    ClarkyBoi New Member

    100% want chroma led strips
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  13. CezRick

    CezRick Member

  14. CezRick

    CezRick Member

    I would like new Razer Tablet, as something better than Nvidia Shield. By the way I think Nintedo Switch is very similar to Razer Edge Pro.
  15. Dat_Beardo_Guy

    Dat_Beardo_Guy New Member

    I think it would be good to have some sort of upgrade system. So, for example, someone buys version A of a Blade system and 45 days later version B comes out, it would be nice to have the option to exchange at a discounted price for version B. Sometimes you guys release so many system updates at a time so this would chill some hate I have noticed for the brand. Otherwise, the Monitor idea is great seems to be one of the only peripherals Razer has not made yet.
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  16. CezRick

    CezRick Member

    It would be good but only with major updates of system like new gen. of GPU for example when there will be gtx 11xx, then it seems logic that person who bought at normal price few day before version with gtx 10xx can be unhappy.
  17. JammyFizzle

    JammyFizzle New Member

    Something simple and affordable (and awesome), a Chroma Mug.
    It could be a simple mug with a clean black exterior and signature Razer green interior, it could also have the three-headed snake logo of Razer on the front, but the catch is that there are chroma lights controlled by a remote or something that shine through your drink at the bottom, perhaps waterproof or simply seperated by plastic or glass.
  18. surfer1081

    surfer1081 Well-Known Member

    Ok to chime in again on this wonderful thread. School/office accessories! Its a repeat post of way earlier in the thread but none-the-less, Its probably one of your best marketing tools and yet so cheap. Like pens/pencils, sticky notes, folders (yes i saw the note pad), etc..
  19. shakypuddin09

    shakypuddin09 New Member

    what about a fight stick for the Blade
  20. RichardDobsa

    RichardDobsa Member

    I would like to see that smartphone already :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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