What's the cpu power limit with the new 15" 9750h model?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by aeroEcruPEARL591, May 7, 2019.

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  1. aeroEcruPEARL591

    aeroEcruPEARL591 New Member

    I'm about to place the order thru the website on the new Razer Blade 15 2080maxq, and then found out that Razer crippled their old 8750h model to 45w cpu power limit. (Lack of confidence with their cooling system I guess???)

    So the question is, what about the new 9750h model? Did Razer cripple this one as well?

    I don't want to spend $3000, and then find out the cpu is 20% worse than the other competitors.

  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Power limit throttling is better than thermal throttling in laptop, and intel pack more performance in same 14nm chip, so probably it’ll be there. No one now though since I think most units are on the way. And don’t worry I think most manufactures would do the same thing like on 8750H MSI, Alienware, Apple especially on their thin and light laptops with minimum cooling room. Though if you are familiar with moding bios with your own risk it’s can be solved, I tried that though but I prefer power limit solution since the performance gain isn’t worth extra thermal imo. It’s still way better then Apple power limit solution though, Blade 8750H performs better then their higher clock 8850H and around similar with their i9 last time I checked. Most thin and light gaming laptops on enthusiasts side doing hassle things like repasting and adding pad etc for more cpu performance but at least on my usage, gaming, to achieve highest 3,9 (8750H), base 45 watt is enough. Some 8750H laptops users even lowering core amplifier to like 3,6 for having better temperature which I didn’t, to me it’s enough by playing Synapse profil between max performance (gaming mode on 2018 Blade model) and balanced mode (25 watt limitation on my model), it still boost to 3,9Ghz. And temperature on rtx model apparently better than 2018 model.
    Note also Razer and other manufacturer do this limitation for average users who doesn’t know how to undervolting etc, giving full performance may occur heat issue if users don’t monitor the temperature and it’s really bad for 2~3K laptops. Plus gpu tdp that is being used, Razer use highest tdp compared to some brands that use lower one, that should also be consideration.
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