Why moving these perfect buttons?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by y0LAs, Nov 13, 2020.

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  1. y0LAs

    y0LAs New Member

    I love my original Razer Naga Molten from 2009, but my only regret with it is that I didn't buy the 2010 wireless version.

    I wanna talk about the regretted two index buttons on the corner of the LMB.

    I absolutely love them to this day, ten years later.
    I usually map them for inventory & map or next/previous item and find them extremely handy.
    They feel responsive, sturdy, discrete, both perfectly placed and in every way better than the ones on the Logitech G502, surprisingly one of the rare mice to use this idea of adding smaller buttons on the left click.

    Also, the shape of the main shell on this original version is feeling amazing on the hand, it is so ergonomic and the material is amazing, feeling soft, but grippy enough and feeling premium and sturdy, without making it a big nor a heavy mouse.

    The fact that made me come here, hoping to be heard by someone in the Razer team, is that I spent hours of online research without finding back these two buttons.
    These two buttons that I immediately found so amazing they were simply an evidence to me. I wasn't even hoping to see it standardized, to me it had to and just couldn't imagine a future of gaming without them.

    That is not what I could say about their replacements under the scroll wheel...

    When the second Razer Naga version came out, I was shocked, the shape of the mouse also felt nerfed, I was imagining a return to the source for the next generation, like an other evidence... But no, I'm at a point where I think I'm going to buy an other original Razer Naga just to replace the malfunctionning buttons of my own one.

    But I would clearly Wishlist a 250$ Wireless Trinity if only these two buttons where back in a place where they could be used, back on the tip of our indexes.
    Usually, users use a keyboard for hard to reach functions. Not a high end Razer mouse.
    Also, let's dream, this snake shape shell was so iconic, why is it gone?
    It's like shopping for clothes, looking for what you love, and seeing that actually nobody else thinks about it.

    Again, I don't understand the decision that has been made (and never taken back once) to simply remove these two amazing buttons that were meant to stay.
    Not to be disowned behind the scroll wheel, under the base of your middle finger.
    Is there anything less ergonomic?

    Isn't the point of a 12 thumb buttons mouse to have immediate availability just under your fingers?

    I'm at a point that if Razer release a 2010 Razer Naga shaped wireless Trinity mouse, with good materials and nobody raging about poor built quality, I would rush to buy it even if it was more expensive than any mouse I ever owned.

    I hope to see a new version of the trinity with every buttons accessibles and every surface put to good use, and the corner of the LMB is just an incredible spot for it.

    Hope someone at Razer will hear it.

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  2. adoanwdoi12

    adoanwdoi12 New Member

    vote buttons in the comment section moved from being on the right to being on the left side of the screen. being a righty it's annoying as fuck, and
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  3. y0LAs

    y0LAs New Member

    Hummm, that's not was I was talking about at all XD
  4. Reed123

    Reed123 New Member

    It takes some time before people can fully understand and appreciate the value of the change. As makers of digital products, we need to help our users cross the chasm of change aversion as quickly and smoothly as possible CredibleBH.
  5. Hyatti

    Hyatti New Member

    This article is really amazing. Thanks for the sharing Kroger Feedback
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