Your first Razer product

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What was your first Razer product?

  1. Mouse

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  2. Keyboard

    10 vote(s)
  3. Mousepad

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  4. RazerBlade

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  5. Other Eq?

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  1. Sueside

    Sueside New Member

    I got my first mouse and keyboard when i was 14 (I got Mamba and Blackwidow in tournament ed.). I will never forget how that felt when i unplogged my rubish cheap mouse. I felt like i am upgrading from level zero to boss. I still feel sentimental about that old thing, but Razer gave me even more fun.
    Yea and about changing keyboards.. Well I i fell in Love with that clicky extraordinary noise. That click, that sound, that satisfaction. I love Razer products. Now I have set of mouses, keyboards, speekers etc. And everytime I open up new Razer product i feel same as when i was kid.

    What was your first Razer product?
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  2. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I was always hunting for Diamondback Plasma & eXactMat with eXactRest, but never had $ for it. Then I've bought my first mouse which was Razer Copperhead Tempest Blue (which is still working) :D
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  3. jakw0lf

    jakw0lf Well-Known Member

    My first Razer product was Cynosa keyboard and mouse, it was membrane keys. But it was love at first sight and was so impressed with the aesthetics and feel.
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  4. xTHxGrizzly

    xTHxGrizzly New Member

    I built my PC in 2016 and knew that I wanted Razer keyboard and mouse, so I bought the Blackwidow and Ouroboros, I just bought a Mamba Wireless to replace the no longer working wirelessly Ouroboros and a Goliathus Extended Chroma mouse pad because i needed more glowwwwww
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  5. diyubifi

    diyubifi New Member

    Mouse and keyboard.... and now only razer devices :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  6. TheCorf

    TheCorf Active Member

    I got a Razer Abyssus back in 2012 or 2013 i think and it was my first Razer product, now i have a Razer Overwatch edition Blackwidow, Razer Overwatch Goliathus and a Razer Deathadder Chroma.
  7. digitalwiz

    digitalwiz New Member

    I bought a blade advance mercury rtx2070 4months ago. Loved it, sold it, upgraded to the 2080 model and then picked up a 2060 blade for my wife.

    I appreciate the commitment to design, quality, looks, and construction. The blade stands apart from all other gaming laptops. it runs reasonably cool for how thin it is. Mine runs mid 70’s c during extended gaming. Low 70’s c for the gpu.
  8. geoBurntUmberx471

    geoBurntUmberx471 New Member

    Black Widow Ultimate Keyboard

    I often play games in the dark so I wanted one with glowy keys.
  9. pmai7

    pmai7 Active Member

    Mouse and keyboard, never went back!
  10. Dalsia

    Dalsia New Member

    I bought my first ever gaming tech, a Razer Naga MMO mouse, in 2014. At this point I was making the transition to desktop gaming, as the only thing I had ever had before this was a laptop meant for simple office tasks.

    6 years later and my Razer Naga, which I've used extensively and traveled with, is still working perfectly. I stick with Razer because of their reliability; I've never had any issues with the various products I've purchased over the years.
  11. NateMakesCoffee

    NateMakesCoffee Active Member

    Deathadder in like 2014 along with a Kraken headset. Sadly I no longer have the Kraken but the Deathadder is still going strong!
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