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Behind the Scenes with the Razer Huntsman TE

  • 8 February 2020
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The Razer Huntsman TE has revolutionized the playing field for mechanical keyboards. By providing a fundamentally new optical switch, the Huntsman family of keyboards eliminates debounce delay.

Although mechanical keyboards can utilize software to try and compensate for debounce delay, optical switches actuate via light. Light actuation makes the switch faster, more durable (up to 100 million keystrokes), and reduces debounce delay to the speed of light. Literally.

Under codename “Project Jamie”, the Huntsman took Razer’s top engineers years to develop. The keyboard can now be seen in competitive play, being used by some of Team Razer’s best pro players. TACO (CS:GO) and Arteezy (Dota 2) both rely on the Huntsman TE to gain the competitive edge. Team Razer’s pro players not only use this keyboard in competitive play, they helped develop the Huntsman, through dozens of iterations in a fast feedback loop directly with Razer engineers.

Starting with the switch, engineers at Razer recognized the inherent debounce deficiency in mechanical keyboards. Looking at the numbers, Razer Clicky Optical Switches require 45 grams of actuation force, are 25% faster than leading competitors, with a precise 1.5mm actuation distance. Quality and insanity for detail didn’t just stop at the switch. One of the final touches the Huntsman TE got was its PBT keycaps.

Keyboard customization plays a large role when deciding on which one to buy. Razer wanted to make sure customization was something they could offer but it had to be up to standard and Razer found itself tweaking the product up until the very end. When asked about finishing touches, the Razer team said: “For the Huntsman TE - it was perfecting the PBT keycaps to look aesthetically pleasing, while being thick and durable.” PBT keycaps are something the fans have been asking for and it looks like Razer was listening.

Debating between the Huntsman Elite and Huntsman TE?
The Huntsman Elite is a full sized keyboard, with a detachable wrist rest, media keys, and a Chroma RGB underglow.

The Huntsman TE is a tenkeyless keyboard, with a detachable cable, and Razer’s Doubleshot PBT keycaps.

Join the Pros. Get the Huntsman TE today:

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55 Replies

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Do you have to pay for the games that are Paid to Play games on Cortex for PC?

Normally there are a couple games that are free to play, such as "War Thunder" and "Roblox" right now. There are however other games that can earn Silver that you need to pay for.
I own this keyboard, the build quality is great! But it is toooo sensitive..... I still accidentally press other keys when my fingers were rest on it.

Same, I use this on my ps4 and have been trying to see if o could go to the software and customize the actuation point, but I don’t know if it will save on the keyboard so u can use it on ps4
One of the best Razer keyboard probably the BEST keyboard in the world. I really want it.
does anyone have an idea if the 2d generation opto red switches will come for Huntsman TE? I just ordered mine hours before huntsman mini came out..... loud noise is a concern for me. should I better wait for the 2d gen switches?
Was just coming to ask that same question as @DrammaBear