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Behind the Scenes with the Razer Huntsman TE

  • 8 February 2020
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Do you have to pay for the games that are Paid to Play games on Cortex for PC?

Normally there are a couple games that are free to play, such as "War Thunder" and "Roblox" right now. There are however other games that can earn Silver that you need to pay for.
I own this keyboard, the build quality is great! But it is toooo sensitive..... I still accidentally press other keys when my fingers were rest on it.

Same, I use this on my ps4 and have been trying to see if o could go to the software and customize the actuation point, but I don’t know if it will save on the keyboard so u can use it on ps4
One of the best Razer keyboard probably the BEST keyboard in the world. I really want it.
does anyone have an idea if the 2d generation opto red switches will come for Huntsman TE? I just ordered mine hours before huntsman mini came out..... loud noise is a concern for me. should I better wait for the 2d gen switches?
Was just coming to ask that same question as @DrammaBear