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Do The Optical Switches Feel Mushy?

  • 29 May 2023
  • 1 reply

I currently own a Huntsman Elite with the purple switches and have noticed that the switches feel very mushy when bottoming out compared to the Razer green switches that I’m used to. I’ve not heard anyone mention this in reviews and thought I would ask it here to see if anyone else has noticed this. Do the red switches feel mushy too?

1 Reply

While you have the purple switches and find them to feel mushy when bottoming out compared to the Razer green switches, you haven't come across any reviews mentioning this particular issue. You're curious if anyone else has experienced a similar feeling with the red switches and if they also feel mushy.

Switch preferences can vary from person to person, and it's possible that individual experiences may differ. However, it would be best to gather insights from other users who have used the Huntsman Elite with different switch types, such as red switches, to see if they have noticed any mushiness or if their experience differs.

If anyone has experience with the red switches on the Huntsman Elite keyboard and can provide feedback on how they feel when bottoming out, your input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for bringing up this question, and I hope you receive helpful responses from the community.