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Help! Tartarus V2 "Alt" key too hard!

  • 26 February 2019
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Recently I acquired a Razer Tartarus V2. According to the Razer official support of the product it says "features Razer's mecha-membrane keys, a soft cushioned touch with a crisp tactile click." Most of them follows through that description --although the "Spacebar key" (numbered 20) get's sticky sometimes-- .

But my principal issue here is the "Alt" key, which doesn't follow the "Soft cushioned touch" support describes. (I attached a pic if you don't know which key i'm talking about)

I posted this on Support Forum but no one answered. I thought that maybe someone knows an easy fix to this issue? 😞

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u may have been eating or drinking something near it and it got between i had this problem on my controller i used normal paper and dipped it in water and tried getting the edge of the paper in and it would make the sticky go away for 24-48h but it returned but after doing it several times my controller is now perfect\\\\// hope this could help you out