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New keypad ideas. Time for new Orbweaver!

  • 10 February 2022
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So every time there is a Razer event I get my hopes up wanting to see a new keypad being announced, but nothing so far. Tartarus V2 and Tartarus Pro are not good options for some of us who like the extra key instead of a scroll wheel, and I am basically stuck with my obsolete Orbweaver Chroma and other Synapse 2 devices (I like my chroma lights to be in sync!). A new keypad would make me upgrade my mouse and keyboard as well for sure.

Razer should develop a new generation keypad that takes the lessons learned from what other keypads have failed at. Some ideas:
Adjustable ergonomics with quality grips.
Maybe optical clicky keys, but single action. Or reg mechanical. Best to have variations and give options upon purchasing like some keyboards.
On board memory for keybinds without synapse active.
with that ^, a button that can change keymap/profile.
Joystick that can be changed from regular arrow keys to analog in Synapse settings.

Maybe the community has other good ideas? 🙂 I hope product development eventually looks into it. I'd buy one in a heartbeat.

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Honestly I'd buy an old Orbweaver that works with synapse 3 and pay a premium for the privilege.
Honestly I think the current (discontinued) one could just be upgraded with the following:

1) Analog Thumbstick with software option to change the response/acceleration curve... a modular option with a directional pad and an analog stick that could be interchanged similar to the naga side plates from the previous generation would be the best solution. This would also make an easy fix for the most common failure point for the device (aside from the adhesive), making the RMA process a lot easier on everyone by just sending a replacement part rather than an entire refurbished device.

2) Palm and Wrist rests replaced with smaller internal plastic structure with similar shape to current, and the rubber surfaces molded out of thicker material and stretched over the hard internal support... alleviates the adhesive problem that somehow persisted for the entire life cycle of the product by removing the need for adhesive altogether

3) *Could* probably save money by removing all of the adjustment features and just leaving the pivoting palm rest with the locking pin. Not sure how many people use the adjustment.

4) Support for synapse 3... and as a generality, all devices need to be able to have firmware updated to work in the newest Synapse generation

Really hope you guys make a keypad with the above features so I don't have to do it myself, which I have thought about doing. I am a very capable mechanical engineer with everything required to do so with the exception of free time.

I have purchased many Razer keypads, starting with 2 Nostromo's (one was a logitech), a Tartarus, 3 Orbweavers, and a new Tartarus as a backup for when the last 2 orbweavers inevitably break, since I have become dependent on these things and no local stores stock them.... My current one had a failure on the down button on the thumb d-pad, and while it no longer clicks on press, it does work, so I won't retire it just yet. While these things are not extremely mainstream (and likely not a huge amount of revenue hence the discontinued status), I believe the user base is dedicated. Send them to some streamers to try and more people will likely try them, and once they do, there's no going back to keyboard.