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Rapid trigger like for the analog keyboard

  • 9 November 2022
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Hi everyone!
I wanted to make a recommendation that I think is very important for the keyboard range with analog switch (like tartarus for example)
Would it be possible to add in razer synapse an option to change the depth to detect the release? Like the Wooting HE, it would be great to be able to detect the release of the key more quickly, like the rapid trigger function.
Thanks a lot !

And you, do you want a rapid trigger function ?

4 Replies

+1 to this idea!

For those who don't know, rapid trigger is an analog feature that's taking the keyboard world by storm! Don't believe me?

I use my Razer Tartarus for all my gaming - would love to see this as an update rolled out!!
Coming back to this thread because it is a feature we need!

I haven't bought an analog Razer product because of the lack of this feature lol.

it has rapid trigger now but i cant get it to work