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Razer Huntsman Chroma Gaming Keyboard Pro's n' Cons

  • 3 February 2019
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Huntsman Chroma Keyboard!

Lets hear it, is it a good keyboard? Pro's n' Cons ---

Would you recommend it?

Your personal opinion?

Chroma: How do you find the Synapse config working with this keyboard, and do you spend time on finding your own, personalized lighting settings?


Would you recommend Huntsman as a gaming-keyboard?

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2 Replies

*The keys react swiftly, easy to clean
*Synapse editing and Chroma works smoothly
*Compact and versatile
*No additional USB ports
*The price is not really steep, but could have included a wrist-rest.
*Limited options for making the keyboard flat or heightened

My opinion:
Its a good keyboard that gets the job done well. Reacts fine and is compact and user-friendly.

I havent put enough time into learning how to this properly, but will in the future. Have made keybinds and macros tho, works perfectly and Razer Synapse is easy enough to use.

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I dont quite get this topic. Hubtsman you buy for switch that is a lot faster then other from razer but the only issue basic model lack of multimedia keys so if you dont care great take it if not blackwidow elite is only replacement in this price but if you can spend more and get huntsman elite with all benefits of both worlds the answear is simple go with this 😛