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Synapse 3 Gaming Mode

  • 15 February 2019
  • 4 replies

I searched now a long time to activate the gaming mode via Synapse 3 automaticaly, when i open a specific game. Could it be possible, that this isnt implemented yet?

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4 Replies

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gaming mode is a windows keybord key off. And you can find this at keybord settings.
i mean the mode, that i can activate with fn+f10 on the keyboard, not this windows thing.
In synapse 2, you can say in which game it should be on and which keys should be deactivated(windows, alt+f4 etc.), but in synapse 3 there isn't this option.
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Yeap this is on one tab. Like i say before open synapse 3 click on keybord then scroll down and on left side in the bottom is game mode active select what key combo you want to deatice.
Never realised, that u can scroll down there xD Thx