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2 defective viper V2 pro in a row with no solutions.

  • 23 February 2024
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I was having scroll wheel issue with my first razer viper V2 pro and ask for a solution, then the support team provided RMA opition which I had to pay the Website MSRP price of, thats fine, but when I get the new RMA viper V2 pro, the mouse is competely not function on the wireless dongle. The dongle is not detected and can only be used wired, I ask for help again but the team kept onasking for recipt, order number and bunch of non sense, the support team took five days, replying one email a day to ask more stupid non exsiting question. The product that is defective is an RMA product and did not come with an order number. I am truly disappointed that the Razer can have 2 defective produts in a row, (I already been through all the troubleshooting). I highly doubt razer's quality control and its consumer support efficiency and effectiveness and I am considering whether should I have more purchase any product from razer in the future.

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