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Best Razer mouse?

  • 23 July 2021
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Just bought the ne showbox w Razer Blade 15. What's the best razer mouse and are there any other accessories I should consider? This is my first gaming machine and I'm not sure what all I need. speed test

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3 Replies

viper mini, really fast and light
If you like FPS you have try the viper mini, is just awesome.
Or a viper standard if you have a big hand or not want a mouse too much light
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It depends on the budget, your hand size, personal preference etc.
IMO the most safest, and universal shape - DeathAdder V2 (or wireless version V2 Pro).
For FPS games (and my daily) I use Viper Ultimate & sometimes Viper Mini.
If you want better comfort go with Basilisk mouse family, but for Blade Orochi V2 will be great (nice shape, small size, fully wireless).