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Best Razer mouse?

  • 23 July 2021
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Just bought the ne showbox w Razer Blade 15. What's the best razer mouse and are there any other accessories I should consider? This is my first gaming machine and I'm not sure what all I need. speed test

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3 Replies

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It depends on the budget, your hand size, personal preference etc.
IMO the most safest, and universal shape - DeathAdder V2 (or wireless version V2 Pro).
For FPS games (and my daily) I use Viper Ultimate & sometimes Viper Mini.
If you want better comfort go with Basilisk mouse family, but for Blade Orochi V2 will be great (nice shape, small size, fully wireless).
If you like FPS you have try the viper mini, is just awesome.
Or a viper standard if you have a big hand or not want a mouse too much light
viper mini, really fast and light