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Broken Scroll Wheel on Razer Lancehead TE

  • 27 June 2019
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My scroll wheel does not work as of right now and it makes no noise when it scrolls and it is much smoother, though it does not register my scrolls at all.

My mouse is still under warranty but I bought it from Amazon in USA and I live in Europe so I think there is no benefit of warranty.

Is there any way to fix scroll wheel? Can you provide me some guidelines for disassembly?


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3 Replies

So, I disassembled the mouse and found out what happened with the scroll wheel. The plastic that connects the wheel and the mechanism of the scroll sensor (I do not know how it's called), a small part, is broken.

One way to fix this is to buy a new scroll wheel. And the other is to get all glued together.
Fixed it with help of super glue. We will see how long it will last.
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First of all if you are not sure about warranty contact razer chat support and ask i can be wrong but i dont think you will have any issue to send it for repai. Now when you use glue on mouse you lose warranty ;/