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disabling razer naga side buttons

  • 20 April 2020
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so im playing an fps game and there an annoying thing when im in an intense moment some side buttons being pushed and is using armor shield in that case while im shooting its really nerve wrecking
how do i disable those buttons?
and if its impossible how do i bind those buttons to other keys like i want the "4" button to be "L" or something...
couldnt find how do i do that in razer synapse im using razer naga 2014

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1 Reply

Not sure if it works the same way as your mouse, but for the Deathadder, you can disable any mouse button by going into Synapse, then into Mouse tab, click on Customize and click on the button you want to disable. After clicking, a side menu should open and you should have Disable as the last option of that menu. Click on Save and the button should be disabled.
If you wish to bind the mouse button to another key, as another option, choose the Keyboard Function, and as the first parameter select Key Recording and the second the keyboard key you want to bind to, and save.
If you wish to re-activate the button again or bind it to it's default mouse button, go to the same side menu, and click on the first option, Default, and save, and it should be on its default state.

Another option you have, instead of changing the mouse settings in the Synapse, is to change the controls in the game itself, binding the actions, that occur with the side buttons click, to another keyboard key.