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Idea for razer mouse

  • 22 December 2019
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Imagine if razer made a mouse lighter than viper, but more accurate than lancehead, viper elite and deathadder elite. It would also have opto mechanical clicks somehow so it would be the fastest reacting mouse. I'd call it razer venom. It would destroy the competition.

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3 Replies

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Quick follow up: Accidently posted this to the wrong channel. Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused to razer!
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I'll move it now.
Hi all!
I have a Razer naga hex, and i use the left keys to move.
Key 2 Forward
Key 5 Back
Keys 1,4 Left strafe
Keys 3,6 Right strafe
And left hand is free for more options with Nostromo.
Maybe possible a mouse with a "little pad or little Jostick" in left side?