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mouse cursor jumps after a click

  • 10 April 2021
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I almost hate to post this because it is so weird and intermittent. My mouse cursor will jump completely across the screen, but only immediately after a left mouse click and only when clicking on certain things in certain software. For example, if I click on a channel in slack it will do that, but not when clicking on a different workspace or on my preferences. It was also doing this the other night in Affinity Photo but not in other software I had open at the time. I don't think it is a tracking thing since it is reproducible by clicking on the offending object. And it will be fine for days, and then suddenly it will start doing this again. It is super annoying and I wish there was a fix. Just did a firmware update the other day and while it fixed it in that moment, here my mouse is doing the same thing again. Is there a setting in Synapse I should look at?

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happens soo many times on mine as well. just at least 3 times now since I've started typing...for a £2699 laptop, I truly expected more!! for a RTX2080 the trackpad soo lagging and jittery it has been a nightmare using one of the most simple peripheric that a laptop can have. Yo would have thought by 2020 this would have been got figured out. Anyone ever got theirs repaired by razer / replaced. So far All i had as a response from razer is that its outside a 14 initial purchase period of return. so what about customer statutory rights???