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multiple Razer Fireflys attached to one PC

I have 4 Fireflys connected to my Hades Canyon via a powered 4-port USB hub. However, synapse only reports one and is only able to modify the one. All 4 fireflies light up, and when launching a game with support (say Doom), all 4 react as one and blink in sync. However id like to be able to modify each in synapse, is this not supported ?

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Synapse will only recognize 1 of each item. It's the same with the Base Station or HDK Kits. I didn't know that they'd all react though to games so that's good at least.
Yeah, i also have two HDKs, the external Audio Visualizer(KeyboardVisualizer) can also controll both of them. I dont understand whats so difficult to have more than one in Synapse. I would be happy if they just copy the color of the other one, but perfect would be seperate settings.