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OROCHI V2 | Outlast and Outplay

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Outlast and outplay anywhere, any day - introducing the all new Razer Orochi V2, a compact, ultra-lightweight wireless gaming mouse. Sporting 2 wireless modes between Razer HyperSpeed Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, the Razer Orochi V2 is the perfect companion for gaming on-the-go.

Available in 2 colorways with additional designs on Razer Customs: https://www.razer.com/orochiv2

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Nice! Still not going wireless but this looks good, bluetooth or 2.4GHz is handy and the price seems totally reasonable!
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Egg mouse finally released.
Shape looks promising, and this battery placement :D

What a pity, it doesn't have ability to plug USB cable as on older Orochis :)

Btw. Can it work on both batteries (AA + AAA) for ultra long work time?
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IMO this is by far the best-themed promo video you guys have ever made! Who's a sucker for Japanese themes, like samurai, katanas, cherry blossom petals, and their badass music? Say aye!

looking good!
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Damn! Looks good!
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Where’s Chroma!? Okay that’s fine, I need now more costum skin like for Viper or Razer Blade would be sweat.
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Damnn ! This mouse looks so SICK !
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This mouse looks awesome! Nice and minimalistic, but you have the choice to make it bold. Nice setup.
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Somehow I feel the appliance looks like the Logitech G304 series....
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Since when Razer becoming follower strategy in the gaming peripheral market..
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I still prefer viper mini wireless
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I still prefer viper mini wireless

Well, I'm waiting for this too 😉
That battery life though! Looks good - but still want my DeathAdder please.
what are you marketing towards? gaming or productivity? looks more like a work mouse to me
A new mouse? But I would be much more interested in when the Razer Laptop Stand Chroma V2 will be available again or when the Hazel mask will finally be released.
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Now if there only was a good samurai game to match with the mouse xD
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Hello friends,

Razer Orochi V2 is a mouse created to be your travel companion with your Blade laptop. ^ _ ^

These advantages:
- Customizable case.
I love Customizable case that can be easily replaced, you can change case to be in perfect harmony with your clothes or your favorite games every day.
Skin Twitch artist Paladin Amber is so cute. ^ _ ^
- One AA or AAA battery.
A standard battery compatible with all standard chargers.
- Small, Light, very large electric autonomy.
- USB Wireless dongle included.

These inconveniences.
- No Razer chroma.
- No charging base.
- No wired connection.

Despite these drawbacks, I find Razer Orochi V2 mouse perfect for travel.
It has been optimized to have only what you need for your trip.

I hope that customizable cases will be present on new mouse models in the future.
This is for me the biggest surprise of this mouse.
I look forward to the new announcement of custom mice. 🙂
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Looks comfortable for productivity works O_o
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nice Specs with Latest Technology.
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razer mouse always looking good and comfortable
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Finally some custom options have been offered.
Gayet gösterişli olmuş Harika!
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Ngl, that thumbnail got me hyped up for a half black half white mouse
Looks good, but you know what else would look good? CHROMA!!!!
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Cute and high tech.
Nice one.