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Razer Basilisk Ultimate macro issue (Tower of Fantasy)

  • 12 November 2022
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So, one of my crewmates is using a VERY simple macro on his logitech that is just spacebar and left click with no delay in between, used to jump cancel things while simultaneously starting a ground combo (if not done frame perfectly, you sometimes do an aerial attack instead of a ground attack). Now, I try to do the same thing on my Razer, and it is VERY inconsistent. Sometimes it does the desired thing, sometimes I get an air attack. I've done everything I can think of that might impact it (messed with frame rate, graphics quality, rebooting, closing Chrome, so on and so forth) but nothing seems to fix it. I'm beginning to think it may be a hardware and/or driver issue? I kind of wish I had a logitech I could use as a sanity check/troubleshooting step, but... Was hoping maybe someone here might know what the issue is, or a potential way to solve the issue to make it more consistent?

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Did you create your own macro in synapse?