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Razer Synapse won't save mouse button key rebind

  • 16 July 2020
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Hello, Razer DeathAdder Elite user here!
Everytime I try to rebind a mouse button to a keyboard function it won't let me save it.
It gets stuck when I press SAVE and when I select another Mouse Button it says that my settings haven't been saved yet and I'm asked to either CANCEL, DON'T SAVE or SAVE it. Attempting to SAVE the rebind that I did will result in the SAVE button being stuck again, requiring me to CANCEL or DON'T SAVE it.
So the only way for me to rebind a Mouse Button on my Razer DA Elite is to use another key rebinder, such as "ATNSOFT Key Remapper".
I have updated my Windows prior to this problem but even so it worked perfectly.
Please, Razer, I love your products but your software is just full of issues that have been left untouched since many years ago, including this one I just mentioned.

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2 Replies

Try reinstalling Synapse.

I uninstalled Synapse and deleted the Razer folder from Program Data as well, I installed Synapse again and guess what: IT WORKED!
The issue may have been caused by a profile glitch because this time, when I tried to log in with my account, I selected to make a new profile.
Now the rebinds work as they should, thank you for helping me, kind stranger!

Edit: It turns out that the issue was caused by a profile glitch. To fix this, you have to create and use a new profile for your mouse.
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Try reinstalling Synapse.