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razer viper mini ultimate/wireless?

  • 6 October 2023
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After the underwhealming release of a viper mini at 300 euro, i was wondering if that is their last version or will release soon a normal "pro" version of the mini wich many can afford with better sensor,wireless and so on…

I tried the V2 pro but it's too big for my hand, the mini is just perfect for me but the scroolwheel and sensor are trash

1 Reply

I would love for a normal Razer Viper Mini Wireless to come out, but Razer has been really underwhelming in the Mouse category releasing recently so I stopped buying their mice. I recommend looking into other options like the Lamzu Atlantis Mini 4k. Better sensors and overall a great shape. We’ve been asking for a normal version for too long and people get tired of waiting. Good Luck