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The Razer Naga Trinity

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Experience overwhelming power with the new Razer Naga Trinity –

MOBA and MMO players, rejoice! The Razer Naga is back and better than ever—featuring 3 interchangeable side panels. Switch your playstyle and take on every arena with 2, 7 or 12 additional buttons to bind all your spells on.

This new mighty weapon is armed with our esports-grade optical sensor capable of 16,000 DPI, offering buttery smooth tracking and deadly precision as you strike down the enemy. With Trinity, the Razer Naga’s familiar design becomes even greater—spell-sling for hours in total comfort thanks to its perfected button positioning and improved ergonomics.

And of course, it also rocks Razer Chroma’s 16.8 million colors to light your way through the darkest dungeons.

Find out more about the Razer Naga Trinitythe ultimate mouse for MOBA and MMO players –

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I just replaced all of my Razer hardware with Corsair stuff, keyboard, mouse, mousepad, and headset as Razer's Live Chat customer support basically blamed me for the mouse not working, like really? Blame the customer? Well that's the final straw, see ya later Razer Inc. you're off my list of potential companies to purchase products from. I won't be recommending your company to any friends or people who ask about you guys either. Sad your customer support is crap.
I've used Naga Chroma before...
Auto switch profiles doesn't work on Synapse 3, so I can't use Trinity rapidly in many programs it's very uncomfortable 😞
I made a post here and on Reddit about an issue I had with my Trinity, unfortunately I forgot about my posting here about it. Anyway its a solid mouse, feels nice in the hand in terms of build quality.

I ended up RMA'ing it over a strange issue of the L/R MMB clicks shooting like 50 clicks every time I hit it. I could also hold it down and it would literally send more clicks then the human eye could couch. This only happened when the sensor was against a surface. Stop gap method pre-RMA was to just set a turbo to 1 click/second which was a bandaid on the problem.

As such seems to have some potential firmware issues~ its not a perfect release. But its a very solid, and enjoyable mouse otherwise for me. I didn't have any real issue with Synapse 3 beta, it was fast enough. The lighting software could be more user friendly though. Since I don't really care about lighting, I also don't really care if the software is annoying to use for it.

If I could give them any words of improvement would be to make stiffer buttons. The placement I feel is better then the corsair I had (sucker broke in 5 months) but they are super sensitive which makes it hard for 3 top finger grippers to use since you put more weight on your thumb. Although ergonomics's already makes it a bit less comfortable in that scenario.
How am I just now seeing this!? This is awesome! Hopefully it will be a bit smaller than the Naga Hex V2? The thing is massive compared to V1 lol.
WHENS the wireless version coming i have the 12 but one and the side buttons design sucks should have kept the old design this as a wireless would be a dream
Oh my lord. Just when I thought the Naga couldn't get any better you guys come in and are like "hold my beer". Shuddup and take my money!!
Naga Trinity is so good, but I really miss the support of Synapse 2. My razer devices work flawless with it, but after synapse 3 install... half of my devices use the synapse 2, and the other half use the synapse 3... and it's make a lot of problem:
- no chroma sync between all device
- need to use 2 app to manage devices
- no Fn+1-9 keyboard layout switch in v3
- no stats & heatmap support in v3
- Synapse2 use less than 90mb ram, v3 use 450mb etc...etc...

I'm very dissapointed because of this. And I had to put the mouse back on the shelf, until these compatibility problems disappeared. :frown_:
I got mine a few days ago, was happy with it, but just now after I woke up the computer from hibernation mode, the Chroma effect is missing, and none of the selecable buttons work.:/

Mouse, left and right buttong, scroll works, but no light and no side buttons
Wow, looks epic : D
Does this one have to option to be wireless like the naga epic chroma???
Are macros saved to on-board memory: Razer Trinity?

I'm just trying to find out if I can set my macros up using Synapse 3, and then have them saved to the mouse, so I can take the mouse with me and use the macros without having synapse 3 setup.

I can't seem to find this information anywhere, if anyone could help me out I would appreciate it.
I like this mouse and the thinking behind the swappable button configs. It's downright genius. The problem is not the hardware; It's been rock solid. The problem is Razer selling this with what they are calling beta drivers. It isn't beta if you're marketing the device as new and selling it at full retail price. I didn't sign up to test PoS drivers that I am being FORCED to use. My keyboard on my Razer blade goes crazy sometimes and I need to restart the whole thing. Combined with the problems I am having with the Tartarus V2 that I was dumb enough to buy at the same time (175.00), I have a bunch of Razer junk sitting on my desk. I haven't been this let down with a company in a long time.
Yay! Loved my old Naga mouse but I wore it out. Not liking my new mouse because it is just too big for my hand. Am really glad to see this little Naga beauty!
Went from panicking that I couldn't find the left handed 2014 Naga anymore to now slightly hopeful that at some point this'll come out in either an ambidextrous form or left handed form. Either way I'm hoping my mouse holds on until then if it should happen.
This and the Blackwidow v2 are my first Razer products.

So far i like it. Took a while to get used to its shape while using the 2 button sideplate as im used to using a logitech g502.

Now im trying to get used to the 12 button sideplate which is hard as im used to gripping the mouse where the 1 and 2 buttons are, and i just cant get used to resting the thumb there instead of gripping.

I really wish there more customizable sideplates. Like removing buttons 1 and 2, and merging buttons 9 and 12 on the 12 button sideplate. Also would love a sideplate like the 2 button, but split the buttons horizontally for a 4 button sideplate, could even make a 6 (3 wide 2 high) button one too.
I like the concept. I have a naga epic and loving it. I just wish they would release a naga trinity epic with hyperflux.
In Overwatch's menu and character selection, if I set a key like "Mouse button 4" on the 7-buttons plate, it reacts as a "turbo click" and push to talk doesn't work properly, there's a solution?

(during the match it has no problems, but it's a bit annoying when I use the formation voice chat with friends in menu)

Hot dog.
How about that left handed edition.
i can't find mouse feet for razer trinity ...
Nice, but will you make a left handed version?
i want this mouse )
we need a left handed trinity
Hi, I've bought a naga trinity on December and I'm mainly using the 7 buttons plate, it work really well but sometimes I just can't push on some button like sometimes the 7,6,5 don't respond and i'm pushing for nothing
sometimes it's the 3 or the 2, it really depends and i'd like to know if some of you have this problem it's really annoying
Thank you
Just bought one

There is NO option for "Smooth scroll" for the mouse wheel. This is VERY disappointing. On top of that, the scroll wheel "bump" as you scroll is by far one of the most pronounce and loud scrolling clicks on any mouse I have owned.

I really affects your ability to do precision scrolls, and is very annoying because of how loud it is on top of that.