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Which mouse is the best of RAZER?

  • 2 April 2020
  • 6 replies

I am searching here for some personal reviews of RAZER´s mice, because I am looking forward to buy a new one, but I don´t know which is the best.
I am often playing FPS-Shooter. So.....
What is the best I can get?

It should have a bit RGB.

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6 Replies

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Basilisk Ultimate for wireless, Basilisk V2 for wired. I use the original Basilisk and the V2 and they're great.
viper ultimate is 80-ish grams and wireless, basically razer's best
if u really love the shape, then get the basilisk
i personally use the mamba wireless bcoz it was on sale for 40usd on amazon, but its still great, basically a viper ultimate but 106 grams
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I have a Basilisk and a Deathadder Elite.

Always the DA, in terms of ergos
I personally enjoy my mamba for the looks, but basilisk sits better under my wide hands
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If you're an fps player and use claw grip with mid sense and dpi, deathadder elite.
For me I am really enjoying viper wireless, I came from model o.