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$300 Off Razer Phone 2 For a Limited Time Only

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It's time to jump! Especially if you've been on the fence for the Razer Phone 2.

For a limited time only, we're taking $300 off the Razer Phone 2! You can be a proud owner of a new Razer Phone 2 for only $499.99 USD.

Again, this is for a limited time only.

Click on the link and make the leap.


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Even if given for free, I wouldn't accept this crap; I bought the RP1 on day one, and has been left without support nor updates for almost a year now, and what's worse, seems like it will never receive Android Pie.

Long story short: I have a device with the same bugs as new, paid a "flagship" price, and won't get at least Android Pie in a so called high end phone.

I should have known the phone was as crappy as the rest of Razer products.
Dear Razer,

Please reactivate ''juicedup" promo code which allows free wireless charger with purchase of Razer Phone 2