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Do you guys not have Razer Phone 3?

  • 12 July 2019
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Hello. I would like to know at least any information about whether to develop a new phone. I have the first Razer Phone and I don’t see any sense in changing it to the second, but I would change it to the third, since updates to the old model does not go and a hardware producers do not hesitate.

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4 Replies

Seems like development of the RP3 was put down or hold for now. I wouldn't hold my breath for something soon. Possibly they put the whole mobile team down on ice... Last info was that due to reorganize they cut many jobs in mobile team and rest was moved to other projects.
Let's hope they come out with a delicious white variant.
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As long as it is 5G service and Google Fi compatible it'll be good. Nothing less than what the RP2 had to offer for sure.
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If it's coming... It must have 5G