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Phone 2 - Satin

  • 18 January 2019
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Lack of information as to why the delay and then removal of the satin variant of the Phone 2 have left me somewhat stumped. Razer support is unable to provide anything useful in terms of an answer.

For there to have been all the work to put it on the website, list prices and even build up some of the hype it is a bit perplexing as to why it is now gone. Since Razer won't answer one is left to wonder, hardware issues, production problems, software (though this would affect the gloss edition also)....

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7 Replies

I'm really disappointed with current situation. If the version get cancelled, I want to have official announcement or confirmation. The fact is that I waited it for 2 months, and would just wait 2 more months. If there was official announcement, I would just buy mirror version instead. However, if after 2 more months and there's still nothing, I would just skip Razer Phone 2 instead. I don't want to buy a phone that only use for less than 8 months.
I'm right there with you @MullenLive ... The lack of communication from Razer has been frustrating to say the least. Even if they had issues producing it, some acknowledgement of the time frame would be beneficial. Would have just picked up the Glossy version with the $100 off deal if it'd be much longer.

The longer I just blindly wait for the Satin version, the more likely I am not to buy this phone at all, because it'll be close to the next generation.
Yep, I could not get a straight answer from Razer support either, despite trying for months. I finally ended up buying the glossy version, which thankfully has been trouble free. But the lousy Razer customer support has really left a sour taste in my mouth, so I doubt I'll do business again with this company in the future.
That and they said they were working with more carriers. And still no word on selling through T-Mobile. Frustrating indeed.
same here, still waiting
I am waiting as well... quite disappointing we have had no announcement one way or the other on this...
I had external motivation to make the leap and get the glossy version. It was that or select a different device.

It is still a bit disheartening that there has been no word on this change. For a company that does such good hardware design and marketing it is a bit baffling why something as simple as "we have canceled/delayed this model" is so difficult.