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Get Ready to Go Rouge | Razer Quartz Edition 2019

  • 29 January 2019
  • 99 replies

Say it with Quartz Take a fresh look at some of our best-performing hardware, now in a playful pink hue.

Refresh your setup:

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99 Replies

Had to read the subject line a couple times to get it. Excited to see what Razer has in store!
Rouge is red and this color appears to be pink. For a company that advertises RGB, y'all need to get your colors right lol. Anyway, good for the fans of the Quartz Pink peripherals!

On a side note, please bring in more peripherals in Gunmetal Grey since it looks the most professional to me. 🙂
Im all for choice but damn a full pink laptop is gonna look cringe unless its something tasteful like what Apple did with iPhones. Hope you guys dont mess up the keyboard since pink plastic is gonna look cheap either way.
Please dont be a pink laptop. 😛
Release the pink!
Razer Wolfpack !!! 😲😲😲😲
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Pink Chroma - all shades of pink.
I still can't get used to quartz as one of the Razer colors 😉 💚
Nice! Time to bin all the green and black stuff... jk jk
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Oh yay.. more pink >.>
It's 29 already here in SEA, please spoil it for us!
Can't wait!
10 am in germany and no signs of the Blade 15 2019 and the mysterious pink device
the tension is unbearable!
Pink Chroma - all shades of pink.

It's their new movie: "Fifty shades of Pink"😂
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Pinky pinky, should be more for girly side of gaming ijs.
Pinky Lappy is here bois. Nice gift for my sister!
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pray hard it's a pink toaster
Can't wait to see what's behind this.
But i'm pretty sure that a full pink combo would please my wife.
I'm a bit biased maybe, but I would appreciate a pink gaming laptop
Pink Rogue backpack
the only pink i would support would be a pink toaster
actually it's everything hahaha even a quartz rose laptop from the stealth series which actually looks neat from the picture.. buut I guess you'll have to see one with your own eyes to judge one
Quartz 2019 is here! Let us know what you think of our brand new quintessential quartz quarry ❤
Is that a pink basilisk?
Is that a pink basilisk?

You bet it is. Quartz is great! But can we do all this in Gunmetal? :smile_: