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Up to 20% processor usages on all devices

  • 29 December 2022
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I've been testing this since it was released, and I figured I'd wait a bit to let the bugs settle down before posting about how on Earth a gaming company thinks a utility that consumes a steady 10% of processor usage, with prolonged spikes to 20%, acceptable? That's absolutely abysmal, and even worse, this isn't hardware dependent as I am seeing this same behavior across 3 devices with vastly different hardware.

Give us the option to offload this to a single core at least, or let PHYSX handle it. Or tighten up your code quite a bit. I'm a developer of 22 years in various languages, and there is no reason an app like this should consume this much resources. It's a great app that has gotten better w/ subsequent releases, but I won't use it if it continues to consume that much proc time.

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