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Chroma and MSI Integration

  • 16 April 2019
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Hello all, I had a question about the Chroma compatibility with certain hardware, as I'm looking to start upgrading my current rig. I know Chroma is getting more 3rd party integrations, and my question is about MSI. Would products that are compatible with MSI Mystic Light Sync (like the Corsair Vengence RBG Pro Memory) also be compatible with Chroma? Would you have to use MSI's software to control everything or can you use Chroma Studio in Synapse? Thanks in advanced for the help.

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Best to check with MSI. I personally know that G.Skill and Teamgroup RGB RAM works with Chroma via Mystic light, but we don't have a list of all non-MSI products that MSI has implemented Chroma support for.