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Chroma shifting to rainbow spectrum cycle on lock/reboot

  • 28 August 2019
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Is there any way to customize/set the default lighting for a device, even when it cant connect to synapse i.e. when I lock my computer or on boot up before startup? I do not want the device to forget their settings even when they are unable to communicate with synapse, either customize what it reverts to (which could even be just completely off), or have it remember the last setting until it regains communication with the application.

If I wanted to drive down rainbow road I would dust off the N64.I know that the hardware is capable of this, because synapse 2 doesnt have this issue, but I am now forced into synapse 3 as of a few days ago, because I just got the Nommo chroma speakers... which apparently are incompatible with synapse 2... To deprecate a whole application and forcing new products to communicate with the predecessor while still in beta is, for lack of better words, a poor development decision. I have been such a huge Razer advocate for a long time, starting with the original death adder and anansi back in 2010/2011, but I will have to return my speakers, phase out the other peripherals and shift my loyalty to another hardware manufacturer if there is no way to avoid seeing this god awful rainbow spectrum when I lock my computer. I am a software engineer, so if this is configurable through the sdk, a public facing interface or any means other than synapse, that is fine with me. Just please give me a solution...

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