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Chroma visualiser not working with Philips hue on synapse 3

  • 11 April 2020
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Hey all!

I used to be able to sync all my hue lights (x3 hue colour globes, x1 hue lightstrip, x2 hue play bars) with my Razer peripherals (keyboard, mouse mat, nommo speakers, bass station) to the chroma visualiser on synapse 3 and have them all light up together.

But all of a sudden, I am not able to listen to music and have all the philips hue and Razer peripherals sync together anymore, but rather, only the Razer peripherals sync with the chroma visualiser instead. It’s quite annoying! Not sure if an update for synapse 3 has stopped hue lights from syncing with the Razer peripherals.

When I change the settings on synapse to different lighting effects, they are able to all sync, just not when I want them to all sync with the chroma visualiser! Please help!

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4 Replies

I'm having the same issue. I used to be able to sync my Philips Hue to my razer devices when using either the razer visualizer or Wallpaper engine but now they only sync when using the basic lighting effects.
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Yeah it sucks! Razer/Philips hue needs to have a look at this as a lot of people like us utilise this feature!
Bump. Stumpled upon this issue today. It seems the latest update to synapse broke the visualizer's connection to both Hue and Nanoleaf.
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Can someone from razer please address this issue?