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Correct wave setup

  • 12 April 2024
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Hi, I have 3 fans and 3 stripes on that Razer RGB controller and somehow I cannot set the lightning correct.

If you take a look on one of them in Razer Studio you see the “wave” runs not correctly from left to right. I only use that simple color/off scheme for better visualizing how the wave runs.

I already rotated them correctly in the movement tab and played a lot around with the angle setting. But no matter what angle I set the LEDs will not light up/turn off in the simplest way from left to right. They are always are somehow shifted. Heres a screenshot of different angle settings. The arrows show the wave directionThe weird 123° angle gives me a pretty near left to right wave but as you can still see the opposing LEDs are still not in sync. No matter which exact angle I set between 90 and 135 there is no smooth wave possible. 


Is there any damn way to set a simple left to right wave?!



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