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Mic Mute and turn keyboard red

  • 12 July 2019
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Hello guys,

i tried a lot but now im stuck.
i bind on "FN+Page UP" mic mute. so i can mute my mic (wow :D). i prefer this for discord and not the hotkey setting in discord (with the hotkey i have an other issue. explan it later). with this mic mute action i would like to change my keyboard from Wave rgb (standard profil) to red (wave, rad,... the effect isn't important). I already have a mute profile with red wave but i can't bind 2 actions (mute mic and switch profil) on one key. for themselves the profil switch or mic mute/unmute works.
is there any solution?
short: my wish is: if i press "page up" my mic gets muted and my lighting switchs from rgb wave to red. and back.

and my problem with the discord hotkey:
i bind on "Page up" switch profil to mute. on profil mute i let them switch back to profil standard (rgb wave). This works well. also the hotkey on discord works well to mute the mic; WITHOUT the binding on my keybord for the profil switch. if i combine the two variants (change profile and mute in discord) and press the hotkey "page up" so my profil change but discord don't notice anymore the hotkey to mute the mic.

i use razer blackwidow elite

best regards

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