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Move Individual LEDs

  • 29 January 2021
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Not sure if there's a decent channel for suggestions but I was wondering if there could be a way we could move individual LEDs in Chroma Studio. My case has square aRGB strips around the fans which I really like but Chroma Studio picks the corner of them as the "starting" point of the LEDs. So if I do a wave effect or wheel or anything else it looks a bit odd. I've tried setting the angle on different effects but it seems to slow right down and go way out of sync. It's also a pain if I'm trying to change settings on everything at once because I have to set the angle on each one individually again.

To illustrate, I have two fans side by side connected to separate ports on the Razer aRGB controller.

The wave effect is going from left to right but the wave effect goes from the top right of the left fan and then travels to the bottom left. Then the effect carries on with the top right of the right fan into the bottom left. Ideally it'd just travel across both of them left to right.

At the very least it'd be nice if I could just rotate the fan in the razer layout.

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For some reason editing my post isn't working so I'll leave this as a reply.
Nevermind! I realised I could configure my fans as led strips with 90 degree bends to make them into squares. Then I found out the move tool does let you rotate things by clicking a rotate button which I didn't see because it was tiny when I was zoomed out.