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MSI Pro-Motherboard not controlled by Synapse

So, I have owned an MSI Pro Z690-A Wifi (DDR5) motherboard for some years since Intel 12th-Gen launched.  For some reason, when I try to use Chroma Connect with Mystic Light, it does not control my headers (or SSD lights via NVMe slot) in any capacity.


I'm uodated to the latest versions of Mystic Light and Synapse 3, and Mystic Light does show up in Chroma Connect.  Just no control of SSD or thr JRainbow lights.  Is this just a case where I should have spent more then for the MPG/MAG/MEG series boards?  I going with an Asrock Razer Edition z690 (unless Razer and Asrock are going to announce a version of the z790 and x670 Taichi boards), but this has been a point of frustration.

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