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Multiples chroma effect

  • 2 February 2019
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I just receive my Cynosa Chroma keyboard, I found it really impressive, and the effects integrated with diablo or overwatch really cool. I searched if the same things were possible with other games I play, like World of warcraft, but it didn't so I decided to create my own effects.

I had an idea but I'm not sur it's possible to do it. I would have differents lightning effects all over the keyboard for each character I press, to have better effect according to my spells...

For example :
with "1" : a wave effect for a casting spell,
with "2" : a reactive effect for an instant cast etc...

I tried something with applying a changing effect to the characters but I lose the function of the characters ( the "1" make the wave effect but didn't respond as a "1" anymore )

Sorry for my bad english, I wish you understand me anyway and that someone could find an answer ^^

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