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Razer Chroma Visualiser / Connect not working

  • 11 July 2022
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I've contacted support and they gave me the classic restart, reinstall, re-enable runaround which did not help in the slightest.

Basically, when I first got my razer gear, my keyboard, mouse, mat, speakers, headset all recognised I was playing Genshin Impact or Fortnite and would have their own premade profiles by either razer or the companies, however recently I've noticed that it doesn't work anymore.

For example: using an anemo (wind) character in the game is supposed to make your keyboard and mouse a teal / blue green color to represent the character element and have light up effects for abilities etc.

However this hasn't been working and I've tried everything in the Razer Synapse app, I've removed my profiles, tried to add the game to the profiles, removed it again, disabled and enabled Razer Chroma effects in the Chroma Connect section, Visualizer etc and nothing works.

Anyone out there with the same issues, or did anyone have the same issues omeglz before and fixed it for themselves?

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